If you are interested in photography, seriously or for fun, or are choosing it as a career path, trying to get a Photography Scholarship is a great way to pursue this passion. In the information below, we have compiled a list of the various Photography Scholarships all together to make your exploration of all there is to offer out there a little bit easier for you.

As you may know, there are many scholarship opportunities available for you to choose to apply to. A very difficult aspect of applying for scholarships is finding them and especially finding the good ones. Many associations, universities, foundations, and organizations offer contests, scholarships, and other awards for photographers to win or earn.

We have compiled a short list of photography scholarships for all people, including hobby photographers, students of all ages, and working people. These scholarships will give you awards anywhere from $700 to $58,000. Some scholarships are up for the task of covering your tuition fees, and others will give you a camera. All applicants are asked to make sure they fulfill the eligibility criteria before they apply. Happy applying!

Photography Scholarships:

The Nikon International Small World Competition

The Nikon International Small World Competition is recognized as a means to recognize and applaud the efforts of those involved with photography through the light microscope. Small World in Motion encompasses any movie or digital time-lapse photography taken through the microscope and adds a new, distinct discipline to the competition. Top 3 prize winners are selected and they will get $3000, $2000 and $1000 award amount respectively.

Provided By: Today NikonCourse:  Multiple coursesAward: Total $6,000Eligibility: Anyone over the age of 18 is eligibleDeadline: April 30, 2017Apply Now: https://usascholarships.com/nikon-international-small-world-competition/

Hazing Prevention Organization Poster Contest

Hazing Prevention Organization is presenting Poster Contest. This competition is open to college and university undergraduates and groups/clubs who design a poster meeting the contest criteria. First prize $500. Two runners up will receive $100 each.

Provided By: Hazing Prevention OrganizationCourse: College and university undergraduate’s coursesAward: $700Eligibility: College and university undergraduates and groups/clubsDeadline: April 30, 2017.ApplyNowhttp://hazingprevention.org/home/awardsandgrants/national-hazing-prevention-week-poster-contest/

The Lucie Foundation Scholarship

The Lucie Foundation is glad to put forward The Lucie Foundation Scholarship for Master photographers. The Lucie Foundation is proud to offer three cash grants to support the work of emerging photographer’s one $2,500 scholarship.The LF Emerging Scholarships are open to emerging photographers worldwide.

Provided By: The Lucie FoundationCourse: VariesAward:$4,500 totalEligibility: Emerging photographersDeadline: June 15, 2017, by 12 Am PDT.Apply Nowhttp://www.luciefoundation.org/programs/scholarship/

The Research Scholarship in Photograph Conservation

The Metropolitan Museum is glad to announce Research Scholarship in Photograph Conservation. The Research Scholar is expected to have a graduate degree in conservation or equivalent experience. The stipend amount is $52,000 per year, with up to an additional $6,000 for travel (maximum of six weeks).

Provided By: The Metropolitan MuseumCourse: Photograph ConservationAward: $52,000with up to an additional $6,000 for travel ($58,000 total)Eligibility: Research Scholar in Photograph ConservationDeadline: December 1, 2017, 5 pm (ET).ApplyNowhttp://www.metmuseum.org/about-the-met/fellowships/research-scholarship-in-photograph-conservation

The IED MadridPhotography Scholarship

Do you want to get ahead in the field of art photography?  If yes this one id for you. The IstitutoEuropeo di Design (IED) is offering a scholarship Scholarships for the Masters in Design, Photography, Communication and Fashion. People of any nationality and country of residence can take part as long as they are over age. The IED Madrid will award scholarships for its MA courses, amounting to more than 250,000 euros.The grants cover 50% of the course fee. The value of each grant is 4,700€.

ProvidedBy: IED MadridCourse: MA coursesAward: cover 50% of the course fee, each grant is 4,700€.Eligibility: Any nationality and country of residenceDeadline: May 30th, 2017.ApplyNow: http://iedphotography.com/events/scholarships-master-2017/

The James Alan Cox Foundation Scholarship

The James Alan Cox foundation is offering Student Photography Scholarship founded in memory of James Alan Cox, a television photojournalist. The program is open to high school, college, and graduate student.Five (5) Digital Cameras will be awarded to five (5) high school students. Five (5) $2,500 scholarships will be awarded to five (5) college or technical school students, payable to their school. Applications for the 2017 scholarship will be available on the website July 15, 2017.

Provided By: The James Alan Cox foundationCourse: Multiple coursesAward: Five (5) $2,500 and Five (5) Digital CamerasEligibility: High school, college, and graduate studentDeadline: Will be available onJuly 15, 2017.ApplyNow: https://usascholarships.com/james-alan-cox-foundation-scholarship/

TheDaily Herald Photojournalism Internship

The Daily Herald Photojournalism Internship is open to second-year or later photojournalism students. You must a basic working photographic equipment (submit a list of personal equipment with application) to qualify for this award. Paddock Publications will cover the cost of repair of intern supplied photographic equipment in use while on the job.

Provided By: Daily HeraldCourse: VariesAward:  VariesEligibility: Photojournalism studentsDeadline: December 15th, for spring, March 15th, for summer, and May 30th, for FallApplyNowhttp://www.dailyherald.com/article/99999999/services/101109774/

 2017  Photo Essay Competition

The competition’s goal is to showcase the best in mountain-themed photo essays – to recognize the best stories told through a series of still images. Winners will get up to $2000 Grand prize and a trip to Banff (Trip includes airfare, 3 nights’ accommodation and select Festival tickets for the 2017 Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival.)

Provided By: Banff Center for Arts and CreativityCourse: VariesAward: $2000 Grand prize and a trip to BanffEligibility: PhotographersDeadline: May 1, 2017.ApplyNow: https://www.banffcentre.ca/banff-mountain-photo-essay-competition

The Morgan Stanley University Photo Competition 2017

Each year, students show Morgan Stanley what the world looks like through their eyes in our annual photo competition. This year’s theme, Places, and Spaces, focuses on the various places and spaces where you live work and travel to. Our panels of judges have narrowed down all submissions to five entries from each region – Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa and North America. First Prizeis Apple Watch Sport, Second Prize is FitBit Activity Tracker, and Third Prize is the US $100 or equivalent local currency in Amazon vouchers

ProvidedBy: Morgan Stanley UniversityCourse: Multiple coursesAward: US $100Eligibility: InternationalDeadline: Sunday, April 23rd, 2017.Apply Nowhttp://www.morganstanley.com/people/morgan-stanley-university-photo-contest-2017

The Global Landscapes Forum Photo Competition 

The Global Landscapes Forum is offering its Global Landscapes Forum Photo Competitionfor Students Worldwide in Indonesia. This year’s photo competition is open to anyone and everyone, whether you are a professional photographer or a casual enthusiast. Over 300 participants from all over the world will come together to attend our thematic Peatland event, with thousands more being able to tune in online. The competition will run until the Global Landscapes Forum: Peatlands Matter conference on the 18th of May, in Jakarta.

Provided By: Global Landscapes ForumCourse: MultipleAward: $1,500Eligibility: WorldwideDeadline: May 18, 2017Apply Now:http://www.landscapes.org/peatlands/glf-photo-competition-peatlands-matter/

The Kodak Professional Photography Scholarship

At Columbia College Chicago, the Kodak Professional Photography Scholarship is open to undergraduate Photography majors who have completed at least one year of coursework and have one full year of undergraduate study remaining.

Provided By: Columbia College ChicagoCourse: Undergraduate CourseAward: Maximum of $4,500Eligibility: Full-time undergraduate Photography majorsDeadline: VariesApplyNow:http://www.colum.edu/student-financial-services/create-a-plan/scholarships/kodak.php

The STERN Grant Scholarship Award for Young Photojournalists

The STERN Grant Scholarship Award invites applications from promising young photojournalists. Any photographers, who are older than 18 years old and 35 years old or younger, at the time of application, are eligible to apply for the scholarship program.STERN magazine calls for submissions for the STERN Grant, a 10,000 Euro scholarship award.

ProvidedBy: The STERN magazineCourse: Multiple coursesAward: A 10,000 EuroEligibility: Any photographers aged between 18 and 35 years of age at the time of application.Deadline: VariesApplyNow: https://usascholarships.com/stern-grant-scholarship-award-young-photojournalists/

The Visual Task Force Scholarship

The NABJ Visual Task Force (VTF) was formed in 1990. NABJ is offering Visual Task Force Scholarship. The scholarship is available to High School, Undergraduate or Graduates. $1,500 award amount will be obtained by the scholars.

Provided By: The NABJ Visual Task Force (VTF)Course: Multiple coursesAward: $1,500Eligibility: High School, Undergraduate or GraduatesDeadline: VariesApplyNow: http://www.nabj.org/?page=ScholarshipsVTF

The Lucas Dolega Award for Freelance Photographers

The Lucas Dolega Award is open to all professional freelance photographers, without age or country restrictions. The participation is free.The Lucas Dolega Award will reward a photographer with an endowment by Olympus of 10,000 Euros, an exhibition in Paris, and a publication in the Reporters without borders album. This is one of the most fun photography scholarships!

Provided By: The Lucas Dolega AssociationCourse: VariesAward:  10,000 EurosEligibility: All professional freelance photographersDeadline: VariesApplyNow: http://www.lucasdolega.com/en/prix-lucas-dolega-2016-5e-edition/

Project Yellow Light/Hunter Garner Scholarship Contest

The “Project Yellow Light/Hunter Garner Scholarship” (“Contest”) consists of three competitions, one for Video, one for Design and one for Radio. All competitions have two levels, one for high school juniors and seniors (or the equivalent thereof) and one for undergraduate college students between the ages of 17 and 25 at the time of entry. First, second and third place winner of high school and college scholarship will get $5000, $2000 and $1000 respectively.

Provided By: Project Yellow LightCourse: Multiple coursesAward:  $8,000Eligibility: high school juniors, seniors, and undergraduate college studentsDeadline: VariesApplyNow: https://usascholarships.com/project-yellow-lighthunter-garner-scholarship-contest/

Create a Photography Portfolio to Get Photography Scholarships

If you are going to get photography scholarships, you will need to have a portfolio. This is, in most cases, a non-negotiable factor.

When you build a photography portfolio, it shouldn’t just show that you know common things about the basics, like exposure and lighting. Your portfolio should tell a story your style, and the type of work you do. It should be a small extension of yourself. A portfolio could be either in printed form or on an online platform. It can also be both. Regardless of how you show it off, it should always include your best work. If you are starting from the ground up, you will need to go through all your photos and choose your favorites, then go through that pile with a set of rules that will leave you with a handful of work you can be proud to show off. Don’t be afraid to refine frequently, and never stop  updating your skills as they grow.

1. Start and Finish Strong

The beginning shot in your portfolio should be the absolute best of all your work, and your last should the same. Don’t allow the appeal of putting all your best work at the front lure you in. You want to start and end strong. From there, incorporate the ones you love, and ones that will showcase a good variety of what you offer so that they all flow and there is not just dazzlement at the beginning.

2. Create a Story

There is not a single person who doesn’t like a story, especially a compelling one. Humans are created with the love of hearing and living stories in our blood. If you have been paying attention to the market, you will see that storytelling has become a powerful marketing tool in recent years, and there’s no reason you should be ashamed of using it in your own work.

However you choose to get pictures into your portfolio, you have to give them a background. Describing them is so much more important than just labeling them with a title that means nothing to anyone but you. Keep in mind that when people see your photos for the first time, they have no backstory to work with. They want to know what the picture is all about in full context. They are looking for the behind the scenes details, and it’s your job to give it. Think of why this is your favorite and what interesting details are connected to the image. Then share these. That’s how you create a story.

3. Ask for Feedback

Getting your portfolio in front of other people can help you change and tweak where it is needed. The people don’t matter. Ask those with experience, ask those who have none. Ask strangers and friends. All that matters most is that you get feedback from observers that are outside yourself. With the internet now, you can put your images on forums of photography communities, or post them to social media outlets where your friends and family can give you feedback. A good way to get feedback is to make an easy survey for them to fill in after they got a good look at your work. Ask questions you deeply want to know the answers to, and include some open-ended as well.

One of the most important things to ask when asking for feedback, besides asking specific questions instead of asking for vague compliments, is to have a shut-off point. Don’t get so overloaded with feedback that it all becomes useless to you. Make space to process and adjust. Keep what is useful, let go of what is not, and move forward. Getting feedback proves that you are teachable, and this is one of the most essential characteristics for an artist of any kind.

4. Offer Free Work

When you’re striving to build your portfolio, you will need people and things to shoot. This is especially true if you are not a photographer with tons of experience under your built, and loads of images to choose from. Or maybe you have worked for others but those images have just been a job for you, and they are not ones that show off your personal style preferences. The way to combat this is to offer a few sessions to select friends and family for free.

5. Try New Things

It is absolutely vital that you step out of what is normal and comfortable for you and experiment in creative ways. This is the only way you will get better as a photographer and find perfect pieces that scream your name. Create challenges or yourself that get you to learn new techniques, and try things that are totally outside of the box.

One great way to start this is by trying different lenses in various settings. If you have only ever used taken photos in one way, you might end up lost in a routine and never reach your full creative potential. This can hurt you because if you never find your slant or your niche, your photography portfolio will be lacking YOU and everything you’re capable of.

The more work time you spend finding your voice, the more vibrant and unique your portfolio will be. And if you do get those photography scholarships, you will want to love the craft, not be burnt out. People always do their best when they use their creative side and switch things up in a craft they truly love.

6. Find Your Perfect Theme

The theme and tone you set from the jump are essential things to consider. They are the things that show people who you are. Think deeply about the flow of your particular photo choices. There should be an element of cohesion in your photography portfolio that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The design and layout will determine how those who are in charge of photography scholarships view your work. Ask opinions from those who are trained in photography if your work flows well.

Final Thoughts on Photography Scholarships

As you likely already know, being a great photographer takes so much more work than just taking a few good photos. Being a professional photographer means years of practice, study, and development of skills to get those good shots regularly.  

Getting photography scholarships means you have an excellent chance to become the photographer you want to be. If you are passionate about serving in this field and want to make it a career someday, there is no better way than applying for photography scholarships. We hope these many suggestions help you find the perfect opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

If you want to find more photography scholarships, you can also join various types of free online courses kindly go through the given link: https://usascholarships.com/category/free-online-courses/

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