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After many years as an IT Project Manager, Product Owner and Developer for one of the top FinTech companies,  I was introduced to the world of college planning once my kids started high school.  As a project manager, I immediately understood how big of a project this was going to be once I started gathering information.  I also knew how expensive college can be and became obsessed with helping my kids make the best college choice for them while finding the best college deal possible.
During this journey, I discovered the keys to finding the best college deal possible are the five Cs:
1) Transfer as much college credit as possible.
2) Find cash by identifying all the scholarships possible (institutional and private).
3) Discover ways to cut college costs
4) Make the right college choice
(For more information on this, checkout my other site, DIYCollegeRankings.com)
5) All of the above must be done with a competitive spirit.
After understanding the details of the five Cs, I was able to re-define what a full-ride should be and was able to achieve building a full-ride for all of my kids.  Over the years, I have been teaching other high schoolers and parents how to accomplish this, or at least work towards the goal.
One important piece of the affordable college journey is finding cash for college.  Finding scholarship money for college is a critical piece of the puzzle in building a full-ride for college.  This is where USAScholarships.com can enhance your approach to finding scholarship money.
USAScholarships.com is dedicated to providing information about scholarships to help you make college affordable.  Using my skill sets of project management, data analysis, business process analysis, and software development, my goal is to provide USAScholarships.com visitors with dynamic, easy-to-use tools and helpful information to select the best college scholarships possible for future college students.
Your future college should have an affordable price, be a great fit, and have an amazing program for the area in which you are interested.  I’ve helped my own kids achieve that, and I’m here to help you make that possible.  You can contact me at [email protected].


Purpose of USAScholarships.com

Looking for all things education? Continuing education is extremely important, especially if you want or have a specific career or direction that you wish to go in. Thanks to USAScholarships.com, you’ll have all the knowledge that you need in one place.


Thinking of going to college or a tech school? Did you know that there are tons of scholarships that you could be eligible for? You probably did not even realize that there were scholarships to help you. You can learn more here!


A fellowship is just like an internship, except a fellowship is merit-based. A fellowship with a company in your field is an honor, seeing as though they admire your academic skills and all the hard work that you’ve put into your education.


While there are scholarships that grant you money for your education, there are also competitions that you can compete in to win money and merit when it comes to furthering your education. Maybe you’ll win money by writing the best essay in an essay competition or maybe you’ll build the best robot in a robotics competition.


With grants, comes awards. Occasionally, when you win awards, there are money-based awards for you to use as you please or to be used toward your education. There are many awards that you can win if you put your mind to it.

Free Online Courses

The best thing about education is that there doesn’t ever have to be a stopping point and the great thing that comes with college is free online courses. There are certain classes that you are entitled to. For example, certain places offer free online English courses for those who are learning to speak English.

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