Texas Exes scholarships are funded by alumni of the University of Texas at Austin. These scholarships include the Forty Acres Scholarship is given to incoming freshmen who showed academic excellence in high school. There are also scholarships are funded by various Texas Exes chapters throughout the country.

Texas Exes Scholarship 

The Texas Exes scholarship is given to incoming freshmen and current students attending the University of Texas at Austin.

There are three scholarship categories - Forty Acres, Name Scholarships, and Chapter Scholarships. UT alumni (the Texas Exes) select hundreds of scholarship recipients each year. There are merit and need-based scholarships available.

Forty Acres Scholarships

University of Texas alumni awards Forty Acres Scholarships to new students who excel academically in high school and exhibit strong leadership and communication skills.

Students who receive the Forty Acres Scholarship receive full funding for their college education, including a book and living stipend. Every Forty Acres student has access to alumni and a community of other scholarship students who share their interests.

Forty Acres Scholars Program

Source: ​https://www.texasexes.org/​​​

The welcoming community at the University of Texas offers students cultural and social experiences that allow you to bond with your fellow scholars in both organized and informal activities.

International students aren’t eligible for the Forty Acres Scholarship, but they can apply for hundreds of other UT scholarships.

If you’re a finalist, you’ll know between late January and early February. You must attend the Finalist Weekend, which is held in March or forfeit your place in the competition.

After you complete the General Application and Entering Freshman portion of the Forty Acres Scholarship Application, you’ll need to submit a supplemental essay.

Name Scholarships

Name scholarships are sponsored by alumni, friends, and students of UT Austin. The scholarship may be a memorial to an alumnus or loved one or be named after a special interest group.

Every scholarship has different criteria and a different award amount. However, all incoming freshmen, transfer students, University of Texas-Austin undergraduate and graduate students are eligible.

There were seven pages of name scholarships recently listed on the Texas Exes Academic Works site. They include:

The Pat and Jack McGuire Scholarship is offered to a graduate student who will “make a significant contribution to all of society.”  A supplemental essay about the student’s dream or vision is required with the application.

The Pete Geren Challenge Grant Scholarship in Law is offered to African-American or Hispanic students at UT Austin.  The scholarship provides money for two students each year. Recipients can receive funds for two more years as long as they are enrolled in the UT Austin School of Law and earn excellent grades.

The Kathryn Spence Nash Memorial Scholarship is open to female UT undergraduates who have an excellent academic record, financial need, and show kindness and concern for others.

The Foster Parker Memorial Scholarship is open to undergraduate students enrolled in the UT Austin School of Business. Students involved in projects and activities that promote the school are eligible. Grades and financial needs are also factored into the committee’s decision.

Chapter or Network Scholarships  

Chapter or Network Scholarships

Source: ​https://www.texasexes.org/​​​

Chapter Scholarships  

Texas Exes Chapters are located all over the U.S., including San Diego, Alaska, North Carolina, Western Pennsylvania and many points in the middle of the country.  UT grads belong to International Chapters in Bolivia, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Vietnam and the United Kingdom. Over 22,000 UT alumni live in 148 countries.

Local chapters keep alumni connected through business and social networking and fundraising events for scholarship programs.

Chapter or Network Scholarships, like name scholarships, differ in amount from year to year, depending on the funds from investments. Most awards are $1,000 to $2,000, with some scholarships as little as $500 or as much as $10,000.

National networks are dedicated to professions or ethnicities, and alumni participate in charity and social events. Chapter and network volunteers raise money for scholarship programs from their communities and business groups.

Networks include the Hispanic Alumni Network, Pride Alumni Network, Black Alumni Network, Real Estate Network, Rugby Club and Longhorn Military Network.

Network Scholarships  

The Hispanic Texas Exes Chapter awards the Challenge Grant Scholarship to Hispanic freshmen who demonstrate financial need and show academic excellence and leadership ability. Recipients will be entitled to the award for four years as long as they earn a 2.5 GPA minimum. The award amount varies from year to year.

Texas Exes Black Alumni Network Challenge Grant Scholarship is awarded yearly, and the amount and criteria may vary. Contact the Black Alumni Network for more information.

Scholarship FAQs 

There is no application fee for any Texas Exes scholarship, and your parents don’t need to be alumni for you to submit your application.


High school seniors who aren’t admitted to UT yet can still apply. You won’t know your status before applying since the Texas Exes applications run at the same time as the Apply Texas application.

Apply as soon as you can, or you might miss the Texas Exes deadline. The scholarship committee verifies that a recipient is an official UT student before announcing a scholarship.

You don't need to include your SAT or ACT transcripts or scores. If you want to send them, include the math and critical reading scores from the old SAT and the evidence-based writing and reading and math scores. Recommendation letters aren't accepted.

When you upload a resume with your online application, make sure you don't include special characters, like an asterisk or apostrophe in the file name, or it won't load properly. If you upload a new resume, it will replace the previous one.

You only need to complete one application for admission to UT. As long as you fill out the Apply Texas application, you don’t need to complete the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success application.

Check online for specific criteria about the name, chapter or network scholarships sponsored by Texas Exes.

Technical Information Regarding Applications 

You'll receive a UT EID through the University of Texas at Austin when you apply to UT through Apply Texas. After submitting your application, you’ll receive your EID in 24 to 48 hours. You’ll need this unique code to apply for any UT scholarship.

Look up your EID on utexas.edu if you forget it. If you create a new EID, you'll end up with a duplicate record, and your scholarship application may not be reviewed.

You can tell if your application has been received by checking for the word “Complete” in the Entering Freshman Application and General Application boxes. Applicants for the Forty Acres Scholarship will see “Submitted” in the status box corner.

You can update your application until the Texas Exes deadline. Once the deadline has passed, the staff will review applications, and you won't have access to the updating function.

Meet the Scholars

Before you apply for a Texas Exes scholarship, it may be helpful to take a look at some of the other recipients and their accomplishments. Scholarship awardees from the University of Texas-Austin are among the best and the brightest in the United States.  

class scholars

Source: ​https://www.texasexes.org/​​​

In 2011, Ashley Chang received a Forty Acres Scholarship. She was an AP Scholar and the 2010 Innovative Engineering Award. Ashley was a research assistant intern learning molecular biology techniques at the University of Houston-Victoria. In high school, she belonged to many organizations, including the Student Council, National Honor Society, and Science Club.

Henry Boehm, a Vanguard College Preparatory School senior from the Waco, Texas area, received a $130,000 Forty Acres Scholarship. He was one of 19 scholars who received the award. He was senior class president at his high school, captain of the school's varsity soccer team, and editor-in-chief of the school paper.

The local chapters of Texas Exes award a few scholarships per year, and you can find the names on the official Texas Exes website. The 2017 Gregg County, Texas recipients, were awarded $2,000 each.

In 2015, the Dallas Chapter of Texas Exes awarded eight general scholarships and two name scholarships. The Long-Jamail Scholarship was awarded to David Hernandez, and the Darrel K. Royal Scholarship went to Brittani Hooper.

Other chapters in the U.S. and all over the world may sponsor general and name scholarships. Check the Texas Exes website or the local Texas Exes Chapter for details.

The Forty Acres Society

Donors, networks, and chapters sponsor hundreds of scholarships for UT students each year. A few of the high-profile scholarships are sponsored by the Forty Acres Society.

The Forty Acres Society consists of UT graduates who are now successful professionals. Every member of the Forty Acres Society gives a minimum gift of $1,000 each year to fund scholarships and other opportunities for award recipients.

Members of the Forty Acre Society can attend exclusive UT functions in Austin, Dallas, and Houston each year. Faculty, coaches, and administrators speak at these events. Entertainment and careered meals may also be provided at Forty Acres events.

Program donation opportunities are listed on the Texas Exes website. Recent scholarships needing donations are the $700,000 Named Scholarship Endowment. This full scholarship supports one student for four years, and is awarded every fifth year. The donor can name the scholarship.

There’s a $128,000 Non-Endowed Named Scholarship which supports any one student for four years regardless of the intended degree. It pays $32,000 each year.

The $5,000+ Program Excellence Fund isn’t given to one scholar. This money goes to a fund for all Forty Acres scholars and supports cultural social and global opportunities. The $1,000+ Forty Acres Fund supports scholars for the current school year and is usually used for cultural, social and networking activities.

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