The Yoobly Business Scholarship Program

The Yoobly is pleased to announce its annual “The Yoobly business scholarship” program that is designed to reward students with an aptitude for business and marketing. All high school student or college student who are studying in the United States and Canada are eligible for the program. Purpose of the program is to provide network marketing training and multi-level marketing software that can help candidate close more leads. The program will award up to $2,000 stipend to help with their tuition fees, textbook expenses and/or any other verified costs.

The Yoobly was established in 2007 by Founder Dustin Briley. It’s essentially aim to bridge the gap between network and online marketing by teaching their customers how to get more leads, how to grow their team, how to automate their sales funnel and so much more.


The student who best meets the following criteria:

  • All students eligible who are studying in the United States and Canada. However, students who demonstrate a passion for learning and study a Marketing, Commerce, Business or I.T course/degree will be favored.
  • Student is enrolled either as a high school student or college student at a verified educational institute.
  • Student has completed one full year at their nominated institute.
  • Student displays a high level of enthusiasm for business.
  • Student provides a well thought out response to the short answer question below.
  • Student has fulfilled all necessary requirements as asked of them in the Apply Now section.

How to Apply:

To be applying,

  • Candidate must be send a resume (complete with contact details)
  • Candidate must response to this question: In 500 words or less, explain why we should award you with the Yoobly Business Scholarship for 2016.

Supporting Details:

The students can apply now via email to:

Financial Aid and Award Money:

The annual program will award $2,000 to the winning candidate.

Application deadline:

Application deadline is December 31, 2016.

Link for more Information:


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