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The main purpose of Conscious World organization is to develop youth around the globe to become the next generation of conscious leaders. Conscious world provide training for youth which are of age group eighteen to twenty five (18-25), that promotes a conscious understanding of one’s place, purpose, and responsibility as an emerging conscious leader on our planet.

Applicants will be narrowed to ten (10) finalists, each of whom will receive a certificate honoring them as a “Conscious World Youth Leader 2015”. In addition, each finalist will be interviewed. These interviews will be made available on the Conscious World website and portions of them will be aired in September, 2015 for Conscious World Day.


The following three criteria will be utilized in judging all applications:-

1) Be the founder of a project that is making a contribution that positively benefits our world.

2) The project must have created specific measurable results that uplift humanity, such as lives, animals, environment, or society by creating positive change.

3) An applicant displays an understanding of their personal responsibility for how they live their own live and for contributing by giving back to others and our world.

How to apply:-

It’s easy to apply for this scholarship:-

  • First you have to enter your name and e-mail address on
  • After entering this information you can download the application form.
  • Just complete the application and send it by email (as an attachment) to:


The winner will receive a $5,000 Scholarship.


Interested students can apply till May 31, 2015.

Link to apply:-

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