The Graduate School Fellowship

The Graduate School is glad to announce two types of fellowships as external multi-year fellowship and external dissertation fellowship. These fellowships are mainly available for Graduated students. The program provides two types of awards as first award will be of $250 and second award of $100 based on student’s eligibility.

Graduate School USA is an independent, educational, not-for-profit institution. Main aim of The Graduate School is to serve 200,000 participants annually in more than 300 courses. They also offer classes and programs in a broad range of government-based specialties.


Students must be currently enrolled in a relevant program while applying for these external fellowships and must plan to continue graduate study at Purdue University in the subsequent year(s).

How to Apply:

For applying the fellowship, students must submit a copy of the following by uploading as one pdf file. You can View the Submission Guidelines for all the details on how to load your application. The link is:

  1. Curriculum vitae, which includes the last 5 digits of your PUID.
  2. A completed copy of the fellowship application, including supporting documents, if any (references are not required).
  3. Confirmation from the sponsoring agency that the application was received.

Award Amount:

The Graduate School provides one award of $250 for multi-year fellowship program and $100 for dissertation fellowship. Please note there is only one award per student, per academic year.

Application Deadline:

The Fellowship deadline is Tuesday, December 1, 2015.

Link for More Information:



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