Scholly is a remarkable application designed to connect students of all backgrounds and educational levels to scholarship funding opportunities. The company’s mission centers on creating an opportunity for every person to get an education. Maybe this Scholly review might be of help to you.

It does that with a comprehensive interface that is designed to make scholarship hunting easy. Also, Scholly plays a pivotal role in connecting students with financial aid for college and has secured more than $70 million in scholarship awards to date.


Pros & Cons


  • Easy to install
  • Easier To Search
  • Save scholarships found on the app to your list and access later


  • Require smartphone to install the app


scholly review features a remarkable application designed to connect students of all backgrounds and educational levels to scholarship funding opportunities

Image: Scholly App used with permission from Scholly.

Scholly Review: The App That Brings Opportunity To Everyone

In addition, Scholly is a gift to humanity but designed for high school seniors, or undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled in a U.S. institution, or international students that desire to one day venture stateside for their education.

The app can also be for friends and families of current and potential students, those who wish to help find more financial award opportunities to help others. Read our Scholly review to learn everything you need to know before purchasing it.

Scholly Review: How Does Scholly Work?


Easy To Install

Before you begin the scholarship search, you must have a smartphone or computer to access Scholly’s website. Once there, you’ll be prompted to provide information about yourself, such as your GPA, gender, race, and your intended major.

This information will help the program curate scholarships specific to you. Once you have created a free account, you can access winning scholarship examples, application tips, and blogs.

A paid account can unlock several new features for you, such as the scholarship matching as well as application tracking for when you are ready to apply to a school. After you have downloaded the service, you can also specify whether you want merit-based or even needs-based scholarships.

No matter your platform preference, Scholly works on iOS as well as Android smartphones, tablets, or online.

Easier To Search

After you’ve selected the type of account you desire, then set up Scholly, you will need to create and fill out your profile. Next, you’re ready to start your scholarship search but with the search aligned to your current needs, interests, and qualifications.

Your scholarship list is comprehensive. All you have to do is select each offering to get more details, learn about the application process, deadlines, and the amount of financial aid.

You Can Save Your Scholarships

Save scholarships found on the app to your list and access later. Then you can start filling out each scholarship and use the in-app tracker to follow your progress.

Scholly does not yet allow you to apply directly to applications within the app itself; the creators of the program are still looking to solve that issue. But students can report to the app if they have received any winnings.

Read Additional Resources

Scholly offers more than just a scholarship search and application tracker. With the app, you also have access to numerous resources that can guide you on proper application development, how to write better essays, and any additional tips you can use to create a competitive advantage for yourself.

You can also review top essays that have secured scholarships in the past to get an understanding of what it takes to write a winning entry.

Scholly Review: What Makes Scholly Unique?

The scholarship search process can be very time-consuming, stressful, and challenging. Scholly simplifies that search with its powerful database of scholarship offers, each one curated to match your preferences, collegiate major, gender and even special interests.

Scholly can also triangulate scholarships for you based on your heritage or cultural backgrounds, such as specific awards for students that hail from a particular country, or first-time collegiate students, and minorities.

It’s a worthwhile investment of your time, especially when you consider the overall cost of a college, or taking out loans to pay for your education.

Access Award-Winning Essays

Another excellent, unique advantage to using Scholly is that it allows you to have unprecedented access to the essays that win scholarships and how to align your own with the standards of judges.

It’s a remarkable feature into a process wrought with challenge and competition. Additionally, the app can be accessed on a comprehensive web platform, so that you can resume your progress on any smartphone, tablet, or browser at your convenience.

Full Team Working For You

Scholly is powered by a full-service, full-time team of developers and educators with one singular goal: to help design an algorithm that assists you to find the scholarships you want, then save those in an internal database. Scholly also employs graduate-level students, known as the Scholly Squad, to provide quality assurance on the results. These efforts help to filter out the scams and problematic results that the Scholly algorithm can pick up.

The Scholly Squad detects scam scholarships by filtering out these common anomalies:

  • Scholarships that only require you to submit your Social Security number. (Which you should never offer!)
  • Services that request you to pay an upfront fee before beginning the application process.

Scholly Review: How Many Scholarships Are In The Scholly Database?

Scholly maintains a working database that holds over 20,000 verified and legitimate scholarships at any given time. The app updates its database regularly with new scholarships, but it also checked for the status of current offers, as well. The Scholly Squad staff even works to remove any outdated scholarships that are no longer officially offered.

Here’s how the Scholly database search works:

  • Fill out the eight specialized parameters to marginalize your search
  • Review the personalized list of offerings
  • Enhance your search as preferred
  • Access high-level management resources and essay advice to develop your application, manage all deadlines and maximize your success rate

However, even with all of these precautions, Scholly still has to work hard to avoid illegitimate scholarships or scams.

The problem with fake scholarships or money-making schemes by hostile third-party groups is so big that the Federal Trade Commission has issued cautions on how to detect and avoid these programs. In response to this, Scholly’s database team handpicks each scholarship featured in its database to include only the most legitimate of awards for your education.

Scholly Review: How Much Does Scholly Cost?

A Scholly membership can cost you $2.99 per month. This price grants you all access to the app’s full database of scholarships, winning essay examples, and resources. But is the app worth it? That ultimately depends on how invested you are in the scholarship search.

Many Scholly users have commented that the monthly cost is worth it to access the app’s benefits, and for those who are fully invested in finding, and applying for, financial aid.

This rationale connects to the aggregated information about the scholarships in one location for your convenience; Scholly will never post any scholarship that has already passed, only those who are active and current.

The Future of Scholly: Free Memberships?

The founders of Scholly are working to partner with businesses, organizations, and local governments to make the app more accessible to students and more affordable—even free!

The app proposes that a company can purchase the program and then distribute to any eligible students under their sphere of influence. This offer is not just limited to the corporate world; schools, towns, or non-profit organizations can purchase Scholly to disseminate as well.

The bottom line on financing: It can be advantageous to pay the monthly membership fee of $2.99 rather than spend valuable time to search for, verify, and apply for scholarships on your own. Scholly can save you valuable time so that you can focus on what’s most important: Strategizing and securing your collegiate education with financial aid.

Scholly Review: Getting Started With Scholly

You can start your path to scholarships with Scholly in a few ways:

  • If you have an iOS device, you can download the app from the Apple app store.
  • Android users can use Google Play to download Scholly.
  • Visit the Scholly website to create an account through your web browser.

Each route to Scholly will require you to use an email address and unique password to set up an account. Social media users can link their Facebook accounts to Scholly as well. Then users can begin to create a personalized profile, which is an important step to help the app’s algorithm match appropriate scholarships with you. \

Here’s what you can fill in:

  • Gender
  • College major
  • University
  • Level of education
  • Religious affiliation
  • Heritage
  • Family health history

The app will even ask whether you are right-handed or left-handed and if you are vegan. It’s a level of personalization that is designed to provide you with personalized results — so the more thorough and detailed your profile, the better. Once you have started an account and set up a profile, you will be prompted to select if you want the free account or the paid one.


Scholly resources, such as the essay samples, can be accessed with the free account. The scholarship list is only available with the paid account. With the paid account, you can begin your search with a collection of up to about 200 offers. At that point, it’s up to you to determine which scholarships you’d like to apply.

Scholly Review Public Perception: User Reviews

We’ve content analyzed published Scholly reviews from the App Store, Google Play, and consumer forums to determine how actual users feel about the app and its features. There is an ongoing debate about whether or not Scholly is worth its monthly fee of $2.99. Several users have expressed distaste over having to pay more than once.

Others have commented that the price is worth the “small cost of three dollars per month,” that the scholarship search feature is easy, helpful, organized, and delivers personalized options. One user even said that the subscription is “not worth your time unless you are interested and committed” to find financial aid.

Scholly Review: How Scholly Compares Against The Competition may be the most well-known competitor against Scholly. It’s a traditional service with a database that contains more than 3.7 million scholarship and grant options organized across the local, state, and national level.

Like Scholly, offers funding options to students of various backgrounds, and also regularly updates its database for consistent, relevant information. One significant difference, and advantage that has over Scholly is that it is a free service.

Scholarship Finder

Scholarship Finder is useful for any student within and outside of the United States. It offers a search feature to help undergraduates find scholarships at their desired level of education, such as:

  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • Doctorate
  • MBA
  • Internships
  • Fellowships
  • College-specific awards

Free Scholarships

This search feature also offers a variety of free scholarship selections, from the undergraduate level through the post-doctoral level. Students also can search fellowships and financial aid opportunities in developing countries.

College Board Scholarship Search

Another well-known industry leader in scholarship searches is the College Board. This organization is very similar to Scholly in that it allows you to filter and personalize your searches, such as academic level, type of scholarship, and even academic achievement or activity-based options. College Board’s primary advantage is that it has established partnerships with more than 2,200 programs.

Scholly Review: What We Think

In closing, our Scholly review is unanimous: It is by far the best option for your scholarship search. The app is versatile and fit for the digital age by not being confined to a browser only.

Also, the updated list of scholarship options works well to make your scholarship journey both simple and efficient; you no longer have to spend time on scholarships that may be outdated, or scams. Scholly could improve by helping students apply for scholarships through the app itself, as well as secure more partnerships to make the app more accessible.

Scholly is new, but it’s also developed a reputation by helping its students secure approximately $70 million in funds thus far.

The founders have also obtained several high-level partnerships to enhance their legitimacy, such as activist and actor Jesse Williams, a pair of investors from the hit show Shark Tank, organizations, municipalities, and cities, which have all purchased the app to distribute to students for free.

Even the city of Memphis, Tennessee, bought Scholly for eight thousand local juniors and seniors.




Easy to Install


Image: Scholly App used with permission from Scholly

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