Disabled Veterans Scholarship Program

Chicago Injury Center (CIC) is proud to offer Scholarship Fund for Disabled Veterans. The disabled veterans who are enrolled in community college, under-graduate, or graduate course of study, are eligible to apply. The scholarship may be used to cover school-related expenses such as tuition fees, registration costs, supplies and books.

Chicago Injury Center (CIC) believes in helping those people who have bravely served the country.


Applicants must also meet the following requirements:

  • Enrollment or specific plans to attend in an accredited trade school, community colleges, college or university in the U.S.
  • In addition to a 500 word essay, applicants are to submit a short biography of any length they wish along with a recent photo
  • Maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of a minimum of 2.5
  • Proof of honorable discharge

How to Apply:

To apply for a scholarship from CIC, the candidates:

  • Must write a 500+ word essay on the following topics:

1) The hurdles you have had to overcome as a veteran with a disability and how it has prepared you to face the      challenges of your particular course of study.

2) How do you believe the military and your road to recovery have helped prepare you for the challenges that you will face as a student

  • Must submit a copy of your transcript indicating your Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Applicants should make a digital copy of their scholarship application for their own records

Application packet can be submitted via email at pearlrosemail-at-gmail.com (as not accepting print applications). The applicants must include: ‘Scholarship’ in the subject.

Application Deadline:

Applications must be received by June 1, 2015

Award Amount:

One $1,000 amount, one $500 amount and two $250 amounts will be given to the winning candidates by the CIC scholarship program.

Link For More Information:


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