RSVP Linda H. Peterson Fellowship

The Research Society for Victorian Periodicals (RSVP) is offering Linda H. Peterson Fellowship (henceforth, the Peterson Fellowship). The purpose of the fellowship is to support one scholar for four full-time months to enable him or her to conduct a research project on the 19th-century British periodical and newspaper press.  An awardee is expected to hold the fellowship for a continuous period for the equivalent of four, full-time months.  The amount of the award will be $17,500.

The Research Society for Victorian Periodicals (familiarly known as RSVP), an interdisciplinary and international association of scholars is dedicated to the exploration of the richly diverse world of the 19th-century press.


  • The Peterson Fellowship is intended to support, first and foremost, primary research on the nineteenth-century newspaper and periodical press. Therefore, eligible projects must engage primary sources, whether those sources appear in print, manuscript, or digital facsimile.
  • Only one application may be submitted by an individual per deadline.
  • Only one applicant is permitted per application. Awards cannot be shared or split among collaborators. (Those seeking support for collaborative projects should consider the RSVP Field-Development Grants.)
  • The fellowship period must begin during the 2018 calendar year.
  • Those holding academic appointments as well as independent or retired scholars are equally welcome to apply. An academic degree is not required, however, those enrolled in a degree program at the deadline are not eligible. Applicants may be based anywhere in the world.
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged, but not required, to become RSVP members.
  • Applicants may hold grants or fellowships from other organizations concurrent with the Peterson Fellowship. However, the Peterson Fellowship winner may not hold other RSVP awards in the same calendar year.

How to Apply:

An application should include the following (in this order). Additional components and appendices will make an application ineligible.

  • A one-page coversheet: This document should include the following items:
  1. Full name
  2. Postal address
  3. Email address
  4. Telephone number
  5. Proposed period of the fellowship (a four month period beginning in 2018)
  6. Affiliation (if applicable)
  7. The names and email addresses of two recommenders familiar with the project being proposed.
  • A CV not to exceed two single-spaced pages: This document should include current and past employment, education, recent publications, awards, and honors, and other information relevant to the review of the proposed project.
  • A narrative proposal not to exceed three single-spaced pages: This document must describe the project as well as the work you hope to accomplish with the award. A competitive application will articulate in clear prose how the project will illuminate some aspect of the nineteenth-century periodical press and indicate the audience(s) for the proposed publication(s) and/or other grant outcomes. A competitive application will also include a brief yet detailed plan of work for the proposed, four-month award period as well as a timeline for completion of the entire project.
  • A summary not to exceed two pages of primary source materials, archives to be consulted during the project, and selected secondary sources that bear directly on the project.
  • Two letters of recommendation: Applicants are responsible for soliciting letters of recommendation. Letters should address the evaluation criteria below. While the absence of letters from an application will not make it ineligible, letters that arrive late (or not at all) may make an application less competitive.

Submitting Details:

  • Recommenders should submit their letters directly to the RSVP evaluation committee as email attachments not later than February 15, 2017, at
  • All applications must be submitted as a single PDF attachment to

Financial Aid and Award Money:

The Research Society for Victorian Periodicals (RSVP) will grant one Linda H. Peterson Fellowship (henceforth, the Peterson Fellowship) to a single researcher for a period equivalent to four full-time months. The amount of the award will be $17,500.

Application Deadline:

The completed fellowship application must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. your local time on February 1, 2017.

Link for More Information:

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