The Redefining Ready National Scholarship

Redefining Ready is a national initiative launched by the AASA (The School Superintendents Association). The initiative is a response to dismal college and career readiness scores reported by standardized test makers that fail to portray a comprehensive picture of student potential. The scholarship program is open to America’s graduating seniors have 2.8 minimum GPA. The scholarship provides students with rigorous academic programs, personalized and career-specific learning experiences. The scholarship will fund a total of $12,000 award amount.

Redefining Ready is a national initiative launched by the AASA (The School Superintendents Association) to introduce new research-based metrics to more appropriately assess that students are college ready, career ready and life ready.


You are encouraged to apply if you are

  • 8 minimum GPA
  • 3+ score on an AP exam
  • Completion of AP or dual-credit classes
  • Completion of Algebra II
  • Completion of an industry credential
  • Identification of a career pathway
  • Participation in a workplace learning experience (internship program)
  • 2+ organized co-curricular activities
  • 25+ community service hours
  • 90 percent attendance

How to Apply:

  • Applicants must make a 30-second video posted to Twitter and uploaded to our official scholarship entry portal (details available April 10), and a 250-word answer to the prompt, “Explain why you know you are college, career and life ready and how that has shaped your postsecondary plans.
  • To be applying applicants must register themselves through the given link:

Financial Aid and Award Money:     

Scholarships will be awarded in the following categories:

  • One (1) National First Place Winner ($5,000)
  • One (1) National Runner-Up ($4,000)
  • Seven (7) Regional Winners, representing each AASA region ($2,000)
  • Seven (7) Regional Runner-Ups, representing each AASA region ($1,000)

Application Deadline: 

Application deadline for the application is Monday, May 22, 2017.

Link for More Information:

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