Michigan Engineering Scholarships

The Michigan Society of Professional Engineers (MSPE) is pleased to announce the “Michigan Engineering Scholarships” to give financial aid to the resident graduating high school seniors in Michigan. The purpose of the MSPE is to offer financial support through grants and scholarships to earn engineering degrees at an ABET-accredited college or university in Michigan. The winners will receive an MSPE scholarships and may only be used for ABET Accredited Engineering Programs (EAC Accreditation) at Colleges and Universities in the state of Michigan.

The Michigan Society of Professional Engineers (MSPE) is a state society of the National Society of Professional Engineers. It was founded in 1946 to serve the interests of the individual engineer in Michigan across all branches of engineering. The MSPE‘smission is to promote and enhance the profession and licensed practice of engineering.


For eligibility &requirements applicants must:

  • Be currently accepted and enrolled in an engineering degree program at a Michigan ABET accredited college or university. Scholarship awards are contingent upon acceptance for admission and intent to earn a degree in engineering and enter the practice of engineering after graduation. Computer Science is not considered an accepted engineering major
  • Be a high school senior, a resident of Michigan, and a U.S. Citizen at the time of application
  • Have at least a 3.0-grade point average (GPA), based on a 4.0 scale, for the sophomore (10th grade) and junior (11th grade) years in high school
  • Applicant must have their SAT score available at the time of application.
  • Complete an application for student membership in MSPE/NSPE.

How to Apply:

To apply, candidate can download the application form by the given link: http://www.michiganspe.org/resource/resmgr/docs/2017_Scholarship_Application.pdf

Supporting Documents:

  • Attach official High School transcript and current senior class schedule
  • Attach official SAT Test results
  • Attach your typewritten essay on “How I Was Influenced to Pursue an Engineering Career”
  • Attach proof of acceptance and enrollment
  • Attach membership application
  • Send to your local chapter scholarship representative listed on pg. 3 of Instructions in application form

Submitting Details:

Candidate can submit the completed application by email (.pdf) or by U.S. Mail to your MSPE Chapter Scholarship Representative. See page 3 to identify the Chapter and Representative for your area by the given link: http://c.ymcdn.com/sites/www.michiganspe.org/resource/resmgr/docs/2017_Scholarship_Instruction.pdf

Financial Aid and Award Money:

  • The Michigan Society of Professional Engineers (MSPE) will worth MSPE Scholarships, the scholarship may only be used for ABET Accredited Engineering Programs (EAC Accreditation) at Colleges and Universities in the state of Michigan.
  • MSPE recently awarded $33,500 is scholarships to a student entering engineering programs at Michigan universities.

Application Deadline:

Completed applications can be submitted to applicant’s local chapter. Applications are due on First Friday in February.

Link for More Information:


Contact Information:

If you have any query, contact to MSPE Scholarship CoordinatorMartha F. Thompson, PE, F.MSPE, F.NSPE, Phone: 248-444-1821, martha.thompson88-at-sbcglobal.net

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