Mayor's Office Fellowship Program

The City of Chicago is pleased to offer The Mayor’s Office Fellowship Program for graduated students.  This fellowship provides opportunity to learn about public service and policy-making. The Fellowship Program attracts bright, highly motivated individuals, gives them a broad overview of municipal government and provides a unique and “hands-on” experience.

Chicago is recognized across the United States as a very passionate sports town. Chicago is a leader in reforming public schools, enhancing public safety and security initiatives, providing affordable housing in attractive economically sound communities.


  • The Mayor’s Office encourages graduate students from all disciplines to apply.
  • While there are no preferences to specific graduate fields or majors, the program seeks candidates who are enthusiastic to learn about city government and have demonstrated a substantial commitment to excellence as evidenced by academic honors, leadership ability, extracurricular activities, and involvement in community or public service.
  • You must be a currently enrolled student at the time of employment in order to be eligible.
  • International students must have an F-1 Student Visa and must be a full-time student.  International students are required to have a social security number/card which states “VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION.” The college or university can assist international students with obtaining authorization.
  • Students who are Deferred Action Recipients are eligible to apply.

 How to Apply:

Interested applicants must register on the site and provide personal information to prepare their candidate profile and submit applications online. The link is:

Supporting Documents:

Interested candidates must submit the following:

  • Official transcript
  • Letter of enrollment
  • For graduate students in their first year of study who have not yet received grades, an official dated letter of acceptance to your current school AND a current class schedule will be accepted in place of an official transcript.


The Mayor’s Office Fellowship Program provides opportunity to learn about public service and policy-making by directly contributing to the executive office of the City of Chicago.

Application Deadline:

The application process will close at 11:59:59 p.m. on Wednesday, November 4, 2015.

Link for More Information:


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