Intertech Foundation STEM Scholarship

The Intertech Foundation has announced its 2017 STEM scholarship for the students who are interested in pursuing careers as professional software developers.  The scholarship program is aimed at current college students or college-bound high school seniors, who have excelled in the areas of Math and Science, to pursue college studies in the area of computer science. The award amount of $2500 will be available for college or high school applicants.

Tom and Linda Salonek formed the Intertech Foundation, a 50d 1(c) (3) private foundation, in late 2003 to provide financial support to families with terminally ill children. Its charter calls for grants to Minnesota families with terminally ill children who need financial assistance granting last wishes for children, as well as help with costs associated with respite care, hospital, and funeral expenses.


To receive the Intertech Foundation STEM Scholarship scholarship a recipient must:

  • Cumulative high school or college GPA of 3.3 or better
  • An intent to study computer science
  • Currently enrolled at or accepted to an accredited college or university within the US (not required at time of application)

How to Apply:

To be applying for the scholarship go through the given link:

Supporting Documents:

Please include all of the following documents with your application:

  • Official high school transcript (sent directly from student’s high school to the Intertech Foundation)
  • Resume describing any extracurricular activities and employment experience
  • Two letters of recommendation (one of which should be from a Math or Science teacher familiar with the student)
  • Copy of official college/university acceptance letter (not required at time of application)
  • One-page essay describing the students work ethic and what they hope to accomplish in the “real world” after graduation from college
  • Experience with the National First Robotic Challenge (not required)

Financial Aid and Award Money:

The award amount of $2500 will be paid in two equal payments but the recipient must maintain a minimum of 3.3 GPA during the first semester to receive the second payment.

Application Deadline:

Deadline for Intertech Foundation STEM Scholarship Applications is March 15, 2017.

Link for More Information:

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