IGNITE Fellowship Cohort

IGNITE vision is to build a movement of young women who are civically engaged, respond to issues in their own communities, and who ultimately pursue elective office. Hence they are pleased to announce the IGNITE Fellowship Cohort. IGNITE is offering a yearlong Fellowship Program for young women who are civically engaged, politically ambitious, and aim to position themselves for a life of political leadership. IGNITE Fellows will receive a $10,000 stipend and will work in their home communities and will travel to national training and convening.

IGNITE is building a national movement to dramatically increase the pool of women who are prepared and eager to become the next generation of political leaders. As a nonpartisan 501c3, IGNITE builds political ambition in high school and college-aged young women in their own communities. IGNITE National is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Young women who are civically engaged, politically ambitious, and aim to position themselves for a life of political leadership, are eligible to apply.

How to Apply:

To apply to become an IGNITE Fellow, the candidate must send the following:

  • Your current resume
  • Two letters of recommendation (one from an academic institution and one from a professional source)
  • A cover letter explaining your personal career goals
  • Describing your civic engagement and political leadership experience how you think becoming an IGNITE Fellow will help you shift the current landscape of representation in government.

Supporting Documents:

Create and Submit a Program Portfolio-

  • IGNITE wants to see what you’re up to! IGNITE fellows will be responsible for sharing programmatic progress across the academic year through writing, photo or video or a combination.
  • Each month, Fellows will submit highlights of accomplishments within the region through writing, photo stories, and videos from events.
  • Fellows will also be expected to submit a summative document that details their successes, key relationships they have developed and information for the next fellow to continue the work.

Submitting Details:

All application materials and letters of recommendation must be emailed in PDF format to Chief Program Officer, Sara Guillermo at sara-at-ignitenational.org

IGNITE Fellowship Cohort

Financial Aid and Award Money:

IGNITE Fellows will be compensated with a $10,000 stipend with the successful demonstration of monthly benchmarks and engagement in IGNITE National meetings and training.

  • Kick-off training in San Francisco Bay Area (September 13 – 16, 2017)- IGNITE Fellows will launch the year with a week-long orientation and training in the San Francisco Bay Area, featuring political leadership training and meetings with prominent elected women leaders.
  • Advocacy Training + National Meeting in Washington DC (Summer 2018)-The IGNITE Fellowship culminates in Washington DC where the cohort meets with Congresswoman and Senators, high-level policymakers, and advocacy groups engaged in the policy process. IGNITE fellows will also present their work across the academic year.
  • Informational interviews with female legislators- IGNITE Fellows access a vast network of elected women leaders, policymakers, and campaign consultants who can advance their careers. Each Fellow will have the opportunity to have no fewer than 3 informational interviews over the course of a year with elected women leaders from their home state (or beyond). Those interviews will be a two-way street: Fellows will interview the elected leaders about how and why they ran for their particular offices, and they will be able to present their own backgrounds and goals to the elected women for career guidance and potential job and internship leads. Ultimately, each IGNITE Fellow will write up what she learned for publication on the IGNITE blog and other social media.
  • Media training and promotion- Fellows will receive an intensive communications training focused on media and message delivery so that IGNITE Fellows can be called upon for IGNITE press and public speaking activities throughout the year. IGNITE will promote our fellows in various media and public speaking outlets in their home regions, as well as on the IGNITE blog and on behalf of IGNITE in outside media outlets.
  • Webinars- IGNITE Fellows will attend webinars where they will acquire a deeper knowledge of politics, policy, and advocacy from the top people in the field. Seminar topics may include: immigration policy, reproductive rights, and women’s health, paid parental leave, fundraising fundamentals, and more.

Application Deadline:

The fellowship application deadline is June 6, 2017, at 11:59 pm PST.

During the 2017-18 academic year, IGNITE will select 8 Fellows in the following communities: Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Denver, CO; Los Angeles – Southern CA; Minneapolis, MN; New York, NY; San Antonio, TX; and Seattle, WA

Link for More Information:


Contact Information:

For more information or questions, contact to Chief Program Officer, Sara Guillermo at sara-at-ignitenational.org

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