The Helen Potts Memorial Scholarship Fund awards a $3,000 scholarship annually to a degree-seeking student who is a graduate of Dickson County Senior High School and has demonstrated academic achievement at the college level.

The Helen Potts Memorial Scholarship Fund was created under the Will of Helen Potts to assist students who are graduates of Dickson County Senior High School and who have demonstrated both the ability and ‘desire to pursue a degree in physical therapy, other medical related fields or the arts.


  • Be a Dickson County High School graduate
  • Have completed a minimum of 15 credit hours that have been recognized and accepted by the college and university in which the individual is presently enrolled
  • Be enrolled as a degree-seeking student at an accredited college that is located in the State of Tennessee
  • Applicants with an emphasis of study in the field of (a) physical therapy, (b) healthcare, and/or (c) artistic endeavors will receive preference when considering the awarding of the scholarship in the order listed above.
  • Students awarded a scholarship having an emphasis of study in physical therapy must be a student at a school having an accredited physical therapy program into which the applicant has been accepted.

How to Apply:

The candidates who want to apply for Helen Potts Memorial Scholarship, they can contact to Tommy Nicks. You can get the application form by mail at: The Helen Potts Memorial Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 726, Dickson, TN 37056.

Application Deadline:

The application deadline is July 1, 2015.

Award Amount:

A $3,000 scholarship amount will be given to the winning candidate.

Link for More Information:

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