Free Online Course on Patient Journey Mapping

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is giving you chance to join this free online course named as “Design in Healthcare: Using Patient Journey Mapping”. The course is aimed to tell you about the Patient Journey Mapping method for innovative product and service design in healthcare.

This course will give designers and specialists in healthcare the knowledge, insights, and tools to be able to analyze and improve the patient experience.The course Starts on February 8, 2017.

Course At A Glance

  1. Length: 5 weeks
  2. Effort:  2-3 hours per week
  3. Subject:  Design
  4. Institution:  Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
  5. Languages: English
  6. Price:  Free
  7. Certificate Available: Yes
  8. Session: The course Starts on February 8, 2017.

Providers Details

The Delft University of Technology is the largest and oldest technological university in the Netherlands. Our research is inspired by the desire to increase fundamental understanding, as well as by societal challenges. They encourage their students to be independent thinkers so they will become engineers capable of solving complex problems. Their students have chosen the Delft University of Technology because of their reputation for quality education and research.


There is no eligibility or prerequisites required for the course.

About This Course

This course is an introduction to patient journey mapping; developed at the Delft University of Technology and applied in the improvement of the care pathway. Step-by-step, the course visualizes the different stakeholders, phases, and actions involved in patient treatment. The language of the course is English.

Importance of the Subject in Today’s Scenario

The patient journey describes all the sequential steps of providing a patient’s care. This may include clinical and non-clinical steps. Process mapping is the single most useful diagnostic tool for determining where problems lie. Understanding the process from the patient perspective is essential if patient focused service improvements are to be made.

How to Join This Course

You should register yourself through the given link to join this free on-line course:

Course Format

Week 1: Introducing the patient in a complex system 

Experience there is a wider perspective by changing perspectives and describing interactions and relationships between patients and various actors.

Week 2: Building a patient journey of a complex system 

Use gathered information to set up a patient journey by defining and applying stakeholders and phases.

Week 3: Integrating expectations, emotions and activities

Use interviews with patients and questions to surgeons during a live surgery to understand how to deepen the patient journey.

Week 4: Opportunities from a patient journey

Introduction to Delft Design methods: Compose opportunities and develop ideas

Week 5: Designing care pathway improvements

Identify the situations in which you can apply patient journey mapping.  Generate future improvements in your own context.

Why Take This Course

  • Advantage of Course: You will be challenged to pursue new insights and given unique opportunities to learn, observe and question patients and medical professionals, with the opportunity to attend a live broadcasted, interactive surgery.
  •  Certificate: You can pursue a verified certificate for $49 to highlight the knowledge and skills you gain, add the certificate to your CV or resume, or post it directly on LinkedIn.

Learning Outcomes

What you learn during the course is given below

  • The Patient Journey Mapping method.
  • Understand the different stages of a patient’s experience and treatment journey.
  • When and where Patient journey mapping can be applied.
  • How to identify opportunities from a patient’s journey.


Richard H.M. Goossens:  He is a full professor of Physical Ergonomics at the department of Industrial Design Engineering within the section of Applied Ergonomics and Design at the Delft University of Technology.

Suggested Reading

No previous knowledge about health care innovation, design or journey mapping is necessary.

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  • After doing the course you can identify the situations in which you can apply patient journey mapping.
  • The course will give specialists in healthcare the knowledge, insights and tools to be able to analyze.
  • After completing the course you can get knowledge about the Patient Journey Mapping method for innovative product and service design in healthcare.
  • If you pay for the certificate then you can receive an instructor-signed certificate with the institution’s logo to verify your achievement and increase your job prospects.

Detailed Information

For more information about the course, you can check the given link:!


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