Free Online Course on Literature in the Digital Age

The University of Basel is pleased to announce free online course termed as “Literature in the Digital Age: from Close Reading to Distant Reading”. The course is designed to give you new ways of interpreting literary texts, from time-tested methods to computer-assisted practices such as distant reading.

This free online course addresses these key questions as it introduces you to a variety of ways of interpreting literary texts. The course will start on March 13, 2017.

Course At A Glance

  1. Length: 6 weeks
  2. Effort:   4 hours per week
  3. Subject:  Literature in the Digital Age: from Close Reading to Distant Reading
  4. Institution:  University of Basel
  5. Languages: English
  6. Price:  Free
  7. Certificate Available: Yes
  8. Session: The course will start on March 13, 2017

Providers Details

  •  About University: The University of Basel has educated talents since 1460. As an institution with a strong research background, The University of Basel hosts more than 2`600 doctoral candidates and several hundred postdoctoral researchers within seven different faculties.
  • Aim of University: The University aim to follow a strong interdisciplinary approach, GRACE will emphasize a clear and structured information and communication culture (inform), support inter- and transdisciplinary exchange (connect) and prepare individuals for future challenges inside and outside academia (encourage).


  • The only requirement is that you like to read and love to reflect your experience and discuss it with others.
  • This course is for people from all walks of life who enjoy reading literature and would like to know how literary scholars interpret texts in the digital age.
  • If you are a student looking for an introduction to literary analysis, Literature in the Digital Age will help you find it.

About This Course

  • Benefits: This free online course addresses these key questions as it introduces you to a variety of ways of interpreting literary texts. They will look into time-tested methods such as close reading. We shall also address more recent, computer-assisted practices such as distant reading.The language of the course is English
  • Importance of the Subject in today’s Scenario: The development of digital technology and its widespread availability on the personal computer are bringing about a fundamental paradigm shift in the ways that literary texts are read, preserved, disseminated, and studied. As the electronic medium is transforming, concept and understanding of literature, it becomes important to clarify its multiple possibilities and tensions.

How to Join This Course

  • You should register yourself through the given link to join this free on-line course:
  • Use the hashtag #FLdigireading to join and contribute to social media conversations about this course

Why Take This Course

  • Advantage of Course: Through the course, you will become acquainted with established, professional reading practices as well as newer, computer-driven reading techniques. Discuss the uses and limitations of distant reading, a recent scholarly approach to literary texts that relies on big data and computer analysis.
  • Certificate: To be eligible to buy a Certificate of Achievement, you must mark over 90% of course steps as complete and attempt all test questions, achieving a score of over can easily add it to your LinkedIn profile, CV or resume, and share it with friends or employers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of different reading strategies.
  • Investigate the various strategies you use on a daily basis as you read online texts.
  • Engage in a cooperative form of online reading called social reading.
  • Describe the various media in which we read literature in the digital age.


Philipp Schweighauser: He is Associate Professor and Head of American and General Literatures at the Department of English of the University of Basel, Switzerland. (Photo credit: Peter Schnetz, University of Basel).

Suggested Reading

No specific knowledge or education background is assumed for the free online course.

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  • Your Certificate provides a detailed transcript of what you’ve learned. This includes how long you spent studying the course and your average test score. The Certificate and transcript give you evidence to show during job or university applications, or appraisals.

Detailed Information

 For more information about the course, you can check the given link:



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