Free Online Course on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Columbia University, one of the world’s most important centers of research is now offering free on-line course termed as Artificial Intelligence (AI). The course is aimed to learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and apply them. Design intelligent agents to solve real-world problems including, search, games, machine learning, logic, and constraint satisfaction problems.

You will learn about the history of AI, intelligent agents, state-space problem representations, uninformed and heuristic search, game playing, logical agents, and constraint satisfaction problems. The course will start on January 16, 2017.

Course at a Glance

  • Length: 12 weeks
  • Effort:  8-10 hours per week
  • Subject:  Computer Science
  • Institution: Columbia University
  • Languages: English
  • Price: Free Self-Paced
  • Certificate Available: Yes
  • Session: Course will start on January 16, 2017

 Providers Details

Columbia University is one of the world’s most important centers of research and at the same time a distinctive and distinguished learning environment for undergraduates and graduate students in many scholarly and professional fields. The University recognizes the importance of its location in New York City and seeks to link its research and teaching to the vast resources of a great metropolis.


  • Students are required to have some basic of Python programming and an understanding of probability.
  • Homework assignments will have a programming component in Python.
  • The course offers an excellent opportunity for students to dive into Python while solving AI problems and learning its applications

About This Course

This course will provide a broad understanding of the basic techniques for building intelligent computer systems and an understanding of how AI is applied to problems. The language of the course is English.

Artificial intelligence has been used in a wide range of fields including medical diagnosis, stock trading, robot control, law, remote sensing, scientific discovery and toys. The field of AI ethics and policy seems to be a very important space where altruists can make a positive-sum impact along many dimensions.

How to Join This Course

Interested candidates can register themselves through the given link to join this free online course.

Course Format

  • Week 1: Introduction to AI, history of AI, course logistics
  • Week 2: Intelligent agents, uninformed search
  • Week 3: Heuristic search, A* algorithm
  • Week 4: Adversarial search, games
  • Week 5: Constraint Satisfaction Problems
  • Week 6: Machine Learning: Basic concepts, linear models, perceptron, K nearest neighbors
  • Week 7: Machine Learning: advanced models, neural networks, SVMs, decision trees and unsupervised learning
  • Week 8: Markov decision processes and reinforcement learning
  • Week 9: Logical Agent, propositional logic, and first-order logic
  • Week 10: AI applications (NLP)
  • Week 11: AI applications (Vision/Robotics)
  • Week 12: Review and Conclusion

Why Take This Course

  • Advantage of Course: What do self-driving cars, face recognition, web search, industrial robots, missile guidance, and tumor detection have in common? They are all complex real world problems being solved with applications of intelligence (AI). You will learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and apply them.
  • Certificate: You can buy an instructor-signed certificate (Add a Verified Certificate for $300) with the institution’s logo to verify your achievement and increase your job prospects.

 Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and intelligent agents, history of Artificial Intelligence
  • Building intelligent agents (search, games, logic, constraint satisfaction problems)
  • Machine Learning algorithms
  • Applications of AI (Natural Language Processing, Robotics/Vision)
  • Solving real AI problems through programming with Python


Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi: Ansaf is a Lecturer in discipline of the Computer Science Department at the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University.

Suggested Reading

Students are required to have some basic of Python programming and an understanding of probability.

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  • Pursue a Verified Certificate to highlight the knowledge and skills you gain ($300)

Detailed Information

For more information about this free online course, you can check the given link:!

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