EventZone Scholarship for the Arts

If you are an art student and looking for a scholarship, you have a great opportunity to applying this Arts Scholarship provided by EventZone. To be eligible applicant must have been accepted, or expect acceptance into a post-secondary educational arts program for the 2017 fall semester as a full-time student. The program is in its 24th year and has awarded over $136,000 to local students who are pursuing studies and careers in the arts. $1,000 scholarships will be awarded according to the following categories Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts to the winning candidates.

EventZone is a 501(c)3 organization that was created in 2003 when various existing downtown Roanoke event organizers merged to become one. Event Zone has administered and managed major events that have attracted over 90,000 people from both in and outside the Roanoke Valley.


This scholarship program is applicable for

  • High school seniors whose parents’ or guardians’ permanent residence is within a 100-mile radius of Roanoke.
  • Applicant must have been accepted, or expect acceptance into post-secondary educational art
  • Program for the 2017 fall semester as a full-time student. Planning further study with a MINOR or MAJOR in the fine arts: Music, Dance, Theatre, Sculpture, Painting, Photography, Drawing.

How to Apply:

To be applying for the scholarship you can download the application form through the given link: http://www.eventzone.org/assets/2017_Scholarship_Application1.pdf

Supporting Documents:

To complete your application, submit the following supporting documents:

  • A maximum of two recommendations, one of which must be from a teacher, instructor or another professional in the arts. The recommendation should include at least the following information
  1. What is the student’s potential for future creative expression?
  2. What is the student’s level of performance up to this point in their career?
  3. Does student work at “expected” level or work beyond requested level?
  4. Does student complete work in a timely fashion or if not, why?
  5. Your perception of the student’s artistic ability.
  • The student must submit examples of their work in their area of art. These may include DVDs, CDs, photos or actual drawings, or paintings. Choose examples that make you stand out as an applicant
  1. Lists of stage performances are accepted, but please also include at least one sample of your performance in video, sound or picture form.
  2. Limit submissions to ten pieces of work or photos. Each piece of work must be labeled with the applicant’s name (including each photo).
  3. Videos should include five minutes of recent work and recorded on clean, high-quality CDs. – In a crowded scene in a video or picture, please identify yourself.
  4. All pictures should be marked in order and accompanied by a sheet that lists the size and title of the work. All artwork should be dated and identified and noted if it was a class project, etc. All work submitted must be the original or a photo of it – no computer printouts.
  5. Computer generated or enhanced work will not be reviewed. –
  6. Standard size DVDs can be used for paintings, sculpture and other artwork. If you are submitting a DVD of art pieces, please label, in order, both on DVD and in an attached document.
  7. If you have video or pictures you can email it to ezstaff-at-eventzone.org if
  • Musicians submitting original compositions must submit both the written score and a recording of the music stating who is performing the piece. The composer does not have to be performing the music unless he/ she want to be judged as both a performer and composer. All musicians please submit two contrasting musical pieces, one of which should be a “live” performance (i.e. recital).
  • Past applicants to this scholarship who have not won in any category may submit a new application. Works previously judged for this scholarship must not be included in the new application.
  • Proof of full-time acceptance into a college, institute or apprenticeship program in the Arts will be required prior to award of the scholarship funds.
  • High School transcripts are not necessary and will not be taken into consideration.

EventZone Scholarship for the Arts

Submitting Details:

The complete application with all materials should be emailed to EventZone, Attention: Arts Scholarship; PO Box 8276, Roanoke VA. 24014.

Financial Aid and Award Money:     

$1,000 scholarship award will be given to each category winners like Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts.

Application Deadline: 

The deadline for all materials to be submitted is May 6, 2017.

Link for More Information:


Contact Information:

After completing your application you should be mailed to EventZone, Attention: Arts Scholarship; PO Box 8276, Roanoke VA. 24014.

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