Cosmetology Scholarships

Are you a cosmetology student or planning to attend beauty school? If you are looking to pay for your cosmetology education at the beauty school, here we have selected many scholarships for you such as Minerva Beauty Cosmetology Scholarships, Beauty Cosmetology Scholarship, Alice Madden Barton Scholarship Program, and etc. These are available to get you started off on the right foot (and the right financial path) and offered by well-established Universities, Colleges, Organization, Association, and Institutions.

Cosmetology Scholarships

These scholarships are open to high school seniors, undergraduate and graduate students and anyone who is interested in cosmetology. Check out this Cosmetology Scholarship List that can help you pay for tuition and provide varies award range from $500 to $23,200. Don’t waste your time and apply today.

Minerva Beauty Cosmetology Scholarships

Minerva Beauty in partnership with the Professional Beauty Association is announcing Minerva Beauty Cosmetology Scholarships in 2017 to offer ten, $1,000 scholarships. The student must have completed at least one semester, or one graded cycle, with an accredited school and apply any scholarship winnings towards classes with an accredited school.

Provided by: Minerva Beauty and Professional Beauty Association
Course: Any course
Award Money: $1,000

Eligibility: Student must currently be enrolled in an accredited cosmetology program
Application Deadline: May 31, 2017.
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Beauty Schools Directory Cosmetology Scholarship

Beauty Schools Directory is presenting Cosmetology Scholarship. Students who are planning to attend a school for Cosmetology, Barbering, Hair Design, Nail Technology, Makeup Artistry, Esthetics and Skin Care, etc. Beauty Schools Marketing Group is offering a $2,500 cosmetology school scholarship to help cosmetology school students.

Provided by: Beauty Schools Directory
Course: Cosmetology related courses
Award Money: $2,500
Eligibility: Cosmetology, Barbering, Hair Design, Nail Technology, Makeup Artistry, Esthetics and Skin Care, etc.
Application Deadline: April 30, 2017.
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Alice Madden Barton Scholarship Program

Great Clips, Inc. is pleased to announce Alice Madden Barton Scholarship Program. Current students, high school students, and anyone interested in cosmetology or barbering as a career can apply for a scholarship through the Alice Madden Barton Scholarship program. These scholarships can be used at any cosmetology or barbering school.Once you click “Submit Your Information,” on the form, your information will be delivered to the local scholarship committee for review. Winners will be notified between May 1, 2017, and June 30, 2017.

Provided by: Great Clips, Inc.
Course: Multiple courses
Award Money: Varies
Eligibility: Current students, high school students, and anyone interested in cosmetology
Application Deadline: Varies
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The Vidal Sassoon Professional Beauty Education Scholarship 

BCL has put forward The Vidal Sassoon Professional Beauty Education Scholarship Program. The program is open to prospective and newer students.  Each competition awards ten winners with 50% of their program tuition costs covered at a qualifying cosmetology school (up to $10,000).

Provided by: BCL
Course: Professional Beauty Education Courses
Award Money: up to $10,000
Eligibility: Prospective and newer students
Application Deadline: MAY 8, 2017& Oct 30th, 2017.
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Davis Applied Technology College Cosmetology Program

Davis Applied Technology College Cosmetology program prepares students to enter the world of hair design by teaching the skills necessary for success in a competitive industry. Students learn the basics of cosmetology and the science behind the artistry.

Provided by: Davis Applied Technology College
Course: Cosmetology program
Award Money: Various
Eligibility: Students interested in cosmetology
Application Deadline: Open Enrollment Year Round
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Cosmetology/Barber Scholarship Program

Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship Foundation’s mission is to help deserving students receive financial assistance for the professional training necessary to build successful, long-term careers in the cosmetology industry. Hence they are offering the Cosmetology/Barber program. To be considered, the applicant must be currently applying for entrance into Cosmetology/Barber School, OR actively enrolled in a Cosmetology/Barber program.  Applications are accepted from January 1st through June 1st each year.$1,200.00 per recipient, paid directly to the cosmetology school of student’s choice.

Provided by: Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship Foundation founder of The Barbers Corporation
Cosmetology/Barber program
Award Money:
$1,200 per recipient
Cosmetology/Barber School students
Application Deadline:
June 1st, 2017.
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Karmin Hairstylist Scholarship Application

Interested in an exciting and rewarding career as a Hairstylist? Karmin would like to help get you on your way with a $500 scholarship towards your tuition! Better yet, you can use your scholarship at any Hairdressing School of your choice. The Karmin Scholarship program is open to applicants from any country who demonstrate a passion for the art and a dedication to developing skills in hairdressing. This scholarship is given out once per year to 3 students and the deadline for your application is December 31.

Provided by: Karmin Inc.
Award Money:
Any country’s students
Application Deadline:
December 31st.
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The Iowa Barber and Cosmetology Arts and Sciences Tuition Grant

The Iowa Barber and Cosmetology Arts and Sciences Tuition Grant is available to assist Iowa residents attending participating Iowa barber and cosmetology colleges. Priority is given to students in their first year of study with the greatest financial need. The maximum grant is $1,200 per year.The FAFSA is available October 1.Final FAFSA deadline is July 1.  The FAFSA must be received by the processing center by July 1.

Provided by: The Iowa College Student Aid Commission
Course: Cosmetology program
Award Money:$1,200
Eligibility: Students in their first year
Application Deadline: July 1st.
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Northwest University Cosmetology Scholarship Program

Northwest University is glad to announce Northwest University Cosmetology program. Applicant must have a Northwest application on file with the Registrar’s office. Select candidates will get a chance to $23,200 per year.

Provided by: Northwest University
Course: Cosmetology program
Award Money: $23,200
Eligibility: You must have a Northwest application on file with the Registrar’s office
Application Deadline: Contact them at (662) 562-3200.
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Beauty Institute Canada Scholarship

Beauty Institute Canada is glad to announce Beauty Institute Canada Scholarship. Students that are graduates of Beauty Institute Canada in either Certificate or Diploma programs and are applying for additional training within Beauty Institute Canada can apply. For more information contact 905 674 0100

Provided by: Beauty Institute Canada
Course: High school courses
Award Money: Varies
Eligibility: Students that are graduates of Beauty Institute Canada in either Certificate or Diploma programs
Application Deadline: Contact 905 674 0100
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LaJames College / Beauty School Financial Aid and Cosmetology Scholarship

LaJames College is announcing Cosmetology Scholarship. Some of the financial are free to the student and some are loans with a repayment obligation after you are done with college. LaJames College will match any cosmetology scholarship that is offered at any other college up to $500 – including a Minnesota beauty school scholarship.

Provided by: LaJames College
Course: Cosmetology courses
Award Money:  $500
Eligibility: Students enrolling in a cosmetology related program
Application Deadline: Contact lajames-at-lajam
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Vogue College of Cosmetology Student Scholarships

The School offers limited scholarships to qualified Instructor applicants. Scholarships are approved and awarded based on the individual’s need, ability to excel, personal desire, interview results, and the consensus of Vogue College Staff. For more information visit the link given below.

Provided by: Vogue College of Cosmetology
Course: Multiple courses
Award Money: Varies
Eligibility: Any
Application Deadline: Visit the FAFSA website to begin your application.
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OPI & AACS ACE Scholarship

Evergreen beauty education is glad to put forward OPI & AACS ACE Scholarship. Students must be enrolled and in good standing, or in the process of enrolling, in a cosmetology related program at an AACS member school to qualify. Winners will be selected based on a written or video essay. For more information contact

Provided by: Evergreen beauty education
Course: Cosmetology courses
Award Money: Varies
Eligibility students: Students enrolling in a cosmetology related program at an AACS member
Application Deadline: Varies
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Australian National College of Beauty Alumni scholarship

Australian National College of Beauty is proud to announce Alumni scholarship.  Applicants must have completed all of the requirements of an accredited qualification at a Laureate International University or college. The giv4en scholarship provides tuition fees in order to reduce your college fees.

Provided by: Australian National College of Beauty
Course: Degree course
Award Money: Tuition fees
Eligibility students: Qualified applicants at a Laureate International University or college
Application Deadline: Varies
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