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The Buick Achievers Scholarship is open for high school seniors, high school graduates, or current postsecondary undergraduate students. The Scholarship program is proudly funded by the GM Foundation. The General Motors college scholarships program rewards students who have succeeded both inside and outside of the classroom and who may not be able to attend college without financial assistance. It’s a reward for what you’ve made of yourself and the difference you are making for others. The Buick Achievers Scholarship Program is awarding 50 Buick Achievers Scholarships of up to $25,000 to the winning candidates.

The funds for the scholarship come from the GM Foundation, not the General Motors Company. The GM Foundation is a 501c (3) organization that is separate from GM.

Eligibility for General Motors College Scholarships:

Applicants to the Buick Achievers Scholarship Program must:

  • Be high school seniors, high school graduates, or current postsecondary undergraduate students.
  • Plan to enroll in full-time undergraduate study at an accredited four-year college or university based in the U.S. or Puerto Rico for the entire academic year. Proprietary and online schools are not eligible.
  • Plan to major in a course of study that focuses on Engineering/Technology or select Design related programs of study. You can check list of eligible majors through the given link: https://buickachievers.scholarshipamerica.org/majors.php
  • Demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in the automotive or related industries using these areas of study.
  • Be U.S. citizens and have permanent residence in the United States or Puerto Rico.

How to Apply:

  • To apply to The Buick Achievers Scholarship Program, you must first register as an applicant on the web site. The link is: https://buickachievers.scholarshipamerica.org/register.php
  • Activate your account by accessing your email. You may then complete the application by providing information about yourself and your academic achievements.

Supporting Documents:

You may gather the following information that will be necessary for the application:

  • A list of your work experience and involvement in school and community activities
  • Your transcript of grades (online transcripts must display student name, school name, grade and credit hours earned for each course, and term in which each course was taken)
  • Your parents/guardians’ financial information from their most recently filed tax return or your own financial information if an independent student

Award Amount:

  • The Buick Achievers Scholarship Program will award 50 Buick Achievers Scholarships of up to $25,000 renewable for up to four years, and one additional year for those entering a qualified five year engineering program.
  • The scholarships can be used towards the total cost of tuition, fees, books, supplies, required equipment, room and board and other allowable expenses.

Application Deadline:

The application opens on January 4, 2023 and closes at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, February 27, 2023.

Link for More Information:


Contact Information:

If you have questions, you may email: buickachievers-at-scholarshipamerica.org or call 1-800-537-4180.


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