Inspired to Greatness Scholarship

At, they’ve been inspired by many great teachers over the years. Which teacher has inspired you the most? They want to hear! Inspired to Greatness Scholarship is available to a student who is submitting a video in which they describe the teacher who’s inspired them the most or had the biggest impact on their lives. All majors and degree programs’ students who are enrolled or planning to enroll at an accredited institution of higher education in the U.S are eligible to apply. A $1000 scholarship will be awarded to the deserving candidate.

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  • Students must be U.S. citizens
  • Students must be enrolled or planning to enroll at an accredited institution of higher education in the U.S.
  • Entry is open to all majors and degree programs

How to Apply:

To enter, applicants must do the following.

  • Post a video of themselves of 5 minutes or less on YouTube talking about the teacher who’s inspired them the most.
  • Include the following in the YouTube video title: “Best College Reviews Teachers Who Inspire Us Scholarship”
  • Include a link to in the description of your video on YouTube: with your name and the name of the teacher who inspired you and the school where they taught.
  • The Send an email at [email protected]

In your email, include the following.

  • A link to the video on YouTube
  • A statement attesting that you are a U.S. citizen
  • The name of the accredited U.S. college or university you’ll be attending in the fall
  • Your name and email address

Don’t forget to share your video on social media, tag your teacher, and encourage your friends and family to comment and share! Use the tag #teacherswhoinspire.

Financial Aid and Award Money:

Each fall, awards a $1000 scholarship to the successful applicant.

Application Deadline:

August 15, 2017, is the deadline for the Inspired to Greatness Scholarship.

Link for More Information:

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