BedwettingStore Mascot Scholarship is pleased to announce Mascot Scholarship. U.S. residents are welcome to apply for the scholarship. The Bedwetting Store is proud to serve the millions of families who seek information and practical solutions.  The Bedwetting Store team will review all entries and select a winner based on how strong the mascot concept is, and how good the drawing/design is. is one of the largest distributors of enuresis related products in the United States. They feel proud to serve the millions of families who seek information and practical solutions to help children.


  • Open to incoming freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students
  • Applicant must be a legal US resident enrolled in an accredited US college, university, or technical school
  • By submitting your piece, you grant us the right to display it on our website and potentially to use the piece and/or the mascot you created in our marketing

How to Apply:

To apply for scholarship, you must simply:

  • Tell the name and basic concepts of the mascot.
  • Draw the mascot. Drawings can be created electronically or by hand. For hand drawn designs, please submit a scanned image file.

Submitting Details:

Email your concept and drawing to Please include your full name, contact information, school year, and college acceptance letter or transcript. If your transcript contains your social security number or other highly confidential information, please black that out before sending it.

Award Amount:

The $1,000 scholarship award will be given to winning candidate.

Application Deadline:

The candidates can submit application by December 31, 2015.

Link for more Information:




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