APIASF Scholarship Program

Being the first person in your family to attend college comes with a lot of expectations and hurdles. One of those tough issues you may have to face is how you will pay for your education. If you are of Asian or Pacific Islander descent, you may be able to qualify for the APIASF Scholarship, which helps students from this minority group to afford the costs of going to college.

Find out more about this financial aid opportunity. Discover what the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund is and why it offers the APIASF Scholarship. Also, get details on how to apply.

About the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund

The Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, now known as the APIA Scholars, is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing financial aid to students of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. The goal is to help those with financial need and to help them gain better access to higher education.

APIASF Scholarship Program

The APIASF Scholarship was developed for students who are the first to attend college in their family and who are from a low socioeconomic situation. The award places emphasis on those who are representatives of diversity in the Asian and Pacific Islander community and who are leaders with excellent academic achievements and a heart for community service.


At a minimum, students who wish to apply for the APIASF scholarship need to have a grade point average of 2.7 or have a GED. They also must be a citizen or legal resident of the United States, Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of the Marshall Islands or the Republic of Palau and be of Pacific Islander or Asian ethnicity based on the U.S. Census definition. Finally, students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

How to apply

The application is available online through the APIASF portal. Students must register in the portal to access the application. Students may save their progress in the form and return later to complete it. However, to submit, all sections of the form must be completed. Students also must include one letter of recommendation with the application.

The application process usually begins in September and closes at the first of the year. Notifications are typically made in April for finalists with the final award notifications in May and distribution in August.

Wrap Up

This scholarship option is not for everyone, but if you meet the qualifications, it can make a huge difference for you. The award money can enable you to get the education you want and to become the first person in your family to walk the stage as a college graduate. This is life changing, so take time to look into this scholarship and submit your application.

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