ACE Scholarships Organization

Every kid has the potential to be a successful student hence ACE Scholarships Organization is providing Scholarship Program that is open to Louisiana children who attend a Louisiana public school during the 2016-2017 school year. The scholarship is designed to giving the chance to succeed children from low-income families and graduating high school with most going on to college. The award amount is $4,184.80 per school year for grades K-8 and $4,707.90 per school year for grades 9-12.

ACE Scholarships is a non-profit organization that raises money from generous donors and then awards financial scholarships to students from low-income families so they can attend the school of their choice. ACE Scholarships work with low-income families from a variety of different circumstances across numerous states.


To receive the ACE Scholarships, a recipient must:

  • Be Louisiana children
  • Grades K-8 students
  • 9-12 grades students
  • Families have a medium income of $32,000 a year

How to Apply:

Applicants can go to the given link and download the application form and apply for the scholarship program

Financial Aid and Award Money:             

  • Award amount for grades K-8 the scholarship is $4,184.80per school year
  • Award amount for grades 9-12 the scholarship is $4,707.90per school year

Application Deadline: 

Last date for receipt of applications is May 15, 2017.

Link for More Information:

Contact Information:

To know more about scholarship you may contact at or 504-491-1813


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