AAS/AAS Trainee Research Fellowship Awards

The Academic Surgery Foundation (AASF) is pleased to announce the 2017 AAS/AASF Research Fellowship. The intent of these awards is to provide an eligible resident or fellow who has completed at least two years of postgraduate training in a surgical discipline. The award of $20,000 for one year per award will be given to the winning fellow and may be used for salary support or the direct-cost expenditures of the research.

Academic Surgery Foundation (AASF) is committed to supporting the advancement of surgical care by providing resources and education to young surgeon-scientists.


  • Applicants must be residents or fellows who are currently enrolled in an accredited training program and have completed at least two years of postgraduate training in a surgical discipline.
  • The awardee must be a candidate member or an active member of the AAS.
  • There must be at least one mentor who is an active or senior member of the AAS (applicants with AAS membership applications in process are also eligible).

How to Apply:

The applying process is completely on-line. To be considered for scholarship, you have to login through the given link: http://grants.aasurg.org/

Supporting Documents:

Applicants submit the following materials:

  • A Cover Letter outlining their academic development plan for their one-year research period, their short and long-term career goals, and any other relevant information that they wish the committee to consider their application.
    Applicant’s curriculum vitae or NIH-Style Biosketch – not to exceed five pages.
  • Lay Summary of the project (200-300 words only). Comprehensive Research Plan – This should be no more than five (5) [single-spaced, Arial 11pt, 1″ margin] pages inclusive of the following items:
  1. Abstract for research proposal
  2. The significance of the research
  3. Background information
  4. Preliminary observations
  5. Experimental plan (methods, materials, potential limitations, and pitfalls)
  6. References
  • Letter of support from sponsoring AAS mentor
  • Evidence of institutional approval (IRB, IND, University Animal Use Committee, etc.) (note: Approval need only be pending at the time of submission, as long as the study is approved at the time the funding is awarded.)
  • Letter of support of protected time from the chair of your department. The letter must guarantee that the applicant will spend the entire funding period in the research fellowship and that the department is committed to providing the additional support necessary to ensure completion of the project
  • NIH-style Biosketch from your AAS mentor – not to exceed four pages

Award Amount:

  • $20,000 per year for one year to be used for salary support and/or direct-cost expenditures incurred in the conduct of the proposed research project
  • Award certificate presented at the AAS Awards Ceremony during the Academic Surgical Congress
    Name published in the AAS blog – The Academic Surgeon and on the AAS website.

Application Deadline:

Application period begins on June 1, 2016, and ends on August 8, 2016.

Link for More Information:


Contact Information:

For questions about the awards, please contact JJ Jackman at jj-at-aasurg.org or 310-437-1606, ext. 154.

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