12 Keys Academic Essay Scholarship

12 Keys Rehab Center value continued education and they want to make sure that students can afford to go to the college or university of their choice that’s why they are offering scholarship program. At 12 Keys, they help their clients every day recover from the grips of addiction, but they also strive to educate the community on the dangers and risks of drugs and alcohol. The scholarship is intended to reward students with a $500 scholarship who share this value and refrain from the use of alcohol and drugs.

At 12 Keys Rehab Center, they focus on holistic, real recovery and treat clients using a combination of science, spirit, body, and family.


  • This scholarship will be available to any U.S. resident who will be enrolling in college courses in their next semester.
  • This is open to all majors of study.

How to Apply:

To be considered for scholarship, the candidates are required to submit an essay through the given link:


Essay Guidelines:

Write an essay with 500 words or less on one of the following subjects:

  • How staying away from alcohol and drugs has had a positive effect on your life
  • How to avoid peer pressure to drink/use drugs
  • Your personal story of resilience and recovery from a drug or alcohol problem
  • Why living a sober life is important to you
  • Creative alternatives to having alcohol/drugs at parties
  • How abstaining from alcohol/drugs relates to your field of study (get creative!)

Award Amount:

Two $500 college scholarships every year (one scholarship in the fall and one in the spring) to students who are enrolling in secondary education in their next semester of education

Application Deadline:

  • Spring Semester deadline is April 1 and winners will be announced on May 1
  • Fall Semester deadline is October 1 and winners announced on November

Link for More Information:



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