A.P. Giannini Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Giannini Fellowship

The A.P. Giannini Foundation invites physician-scientists and junior researchers with six to 36 months of postdoctoral research experience to apply to the 2017 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program. The Giannini fellowship program supports innovative research in the basic sciences and applied fields, and trains fellows to become established investigators. The research project should advance the translation of biomedical science into treatments, preventions, and cures for human diseases. The current fellowship stipends are $50,000 in Year 1, $50,000 in Year 2 and $52,000 in Year 3.

A. P. was a carrier of hemophilia and committed to promoting the discovery and treatment of human disease. On his 75th birthday, May 6, 1945, he created and endowed the A. P. Giannini Foundation with a personal gift of nearly $500,000 to support innovative research in the basic sciences and applied fields.

Eligibility for Giannini Fellowship:

• Must have completed no less than six months and no more than three years in their mentor’s laboratory as of November 1, 2016
• Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent alien resident
• Must hold or complete an MD, MD/Ph.D., Ph.D. or equivalent degree before activation of training
• Must arrange research training before applying to the program. Research training program must be sponsored by an accredited California medical school and performed under the mentorship of a principal investigator (PI) at the sponsoring medical school.

How to Apply for Giannini Fellowship:

Interested candidates can download scholarship application through the given link:


Supporting Documents:

  • The candidate’s biosketch and bibliography of publications
  • Personal statement, not to exceed one page
  • Non-technical statement for non-scientific audience in 300 words or less
  • Significance of proposed research for non-scientific audience, not to exceed one page
  • Technical statement of proposed research, not to exceed five single-spaced pages (excluding bibliography)
  • Mentor’s biosketch and list of former postdoctoral trainees
  • Mentor’s Letter of Recommendation (maximum of four pages)

Submitting Details:

  • Candidates should send one copy of the application form and supporting documents to:
    A.P. Giannini Foundation Scientific Advisory Committee
    57 Post Street, Ste. 510, San Francisco, CA 94104
  • All Letters of Reference must be sent to info-at-apgianninifoundation.org

Award Amount:

Fellows receive a competitive stipend for their research training and an annual allowance for career development programs, services, and resources to maximize their postdoctoral experience.The current fellowship stipends are $50,000 in Year 1, $50,000 in Year 2 and $52,000 in Year 3.

Application Deadline:

The Foundation must receive the candidate’s completed application and letters of reference before 3:00 pm (Pacific Time) on Monday, November 1, 2016.

Link for More Information:


Contact Information:

For further information, you can call or e-mail Ken and John Blum, Administrative Directors, at (415) 981-2966 or info-at-apgianninifoundation.org.

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