BAFF Baltic-American Dialogue Program

BAFF Baltic-American Dialogue Program

Baltic-American Freedom Foundation is offering the Baltic-American Dialogue Program for Public organizations throughout the Baltics and Baltic experts. The Baltic-American Dialogue program fosters the exchange of ideas between the Baltic States and U.S. and stimulates international collaboration. Applications are accepted twice a year. Public organizations are eligible for up to $10,000. Baltic experts are eligible for up to $5,000 in funding.

The mission of Baltic-American Freedom Foundation is to enrich the ties between the United States and Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania through programs of education and exchange centering on economic growth and democratic processes. Visibly strengthening U.S.-Baltic ties is a core goal.


  • Public Organizations – Host U.S. Speakers
  1. Public organizations in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are invited to apply for funds to host speakers from the U.S. to travel to the Baltics.
  2. BAFF provides successful applicant organizations with financial support to sponsor American speakers on topics of mutual importance and interest.
  3. Funding is designed to cover expenses such as airfare, local lodging and meals, and regional transportation.
  4. Applicant organizations are encouraged to design programs and invite speakers to address the interests of their unique constituencies. Cross-Baltic institutional cooperation and programs with opportunities for student participation are especially encouraged.
  • Baltic Experts – Address U.S. Audiences
  1. Baltic experts who have been invited to present at major U.S. conferences or to address significant U.S. audiences are invited to apply for funds to cover unreimbursed costs of attending, such as conference registration, airfare, and lodging and meals.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates can download the application form from the given link. Complete it, and save it (PDF required):

Supporting Documents:

Event Proposal: (PDF required)

  • Public Organizations:
  1. In a separate document, describe, in free format, the rationale for both the topic and the speaker. Include the speaker’s CV if available.
  2. Provide a brief explanation of the benefit to be gained by both your organization and the speaker. If this is a proposal submitted by multiple organizations working together, describe the benefits you expect to gain from your collaboration.
  3. Include a description of any associated events, such as faculty symposia or student seminars. If admission will be charged, indicate who will be responsible for selling and distributing tickets.
  4. Provide a media and publicity plan for the event describing the media opportunities for your organization and your guest speaker.
  5. Do you plan to arrange interviews and event coverage? Finally describe the criteria you will use to evaluate the outcome of the event.
  • Baltic Experts:
  1. In a separate document, describe the conference or another event you have been invited to address.
  2. Describe the topic you have been invited to discuss and its importance to your prospective audience.
  3. Include a description of opportunities for international collaboration presented by your participation.
  4. Provide a detailed budget in USD. Finally, include your resume or CV.

 Documentation: (PDF required)

  1. Public OrganizationsDocumentation of Official Legal Status or Organizational Registration (can be in local language)
  2. Baltic Experts: Letter of Invitation from U.S. Conference or Other Event Sponsor

Financial Add and Award Money:

  • Public Organizations: Applications will be accepted for funding of up to $10,000 USD. Funds will be disbursed as required based on the schedule provided in the application.
  • Baltic Experts: Funding of up to $5,000 USD is available for successful applicants. Funds will be disbursed according to the requirements and schedule specified in the application.

Application Deadline:

Applications are accepted twice a year. February 1, 2017, is the application deadline.

Link for More Information:

Contact Information:

For all application questions, please contact:
Ilze Doskina
Regional Program Manager, Baltic States
Tel: +371-67035270


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